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Sue Butkus, Pilates instructor, hails from Chicago, IL. She is an enthusiastic fitness advocate who has spent many years searching for the key to a lifestyle of health and wellness.
Sue's first goal was to become a personal fitness trainer through the American Council on Exercise. This course of study helped clarify the components of exercise and developed her ability to motivate clients to move safely.

Sue then felt compelled to discover methods which might encourage her clients to move thoughtfully, incorporating the control of mind /body/spirit connections to create more lasting changes in the body. This process led her to the work of Joseph Pilates.

Many hours of study and performance of the Pilates Method led to a greater appreciation for mind, body and spirit connections. “After completing the Full Certification (over 1000 hours of study, practice and performance) I was a true advocate of the Pilates Method. I found that Pilates' basic principles held the key to a personal lifestyle change.”

Sue is presently instructing clients at Mountainview Pilates Studio in Crossville, Tennessee. She has been accepted as an instructor into the American Council on Exercise Academy to instruct others in the delivery of Pilates Mat Exercise. As a continuing member of the national Pilates Method Alliance, she strives to remain current in the continuing study of the Pilates Method. She has developed Pilates-inspired classes and workshops for osteoporosis, golf fitness, water exercise, the physioball, the foam roller and the Magic Circle at the Wellness Complex of Fairfield Glade.



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